Monday, April 14, 2008

What did you think of Book 1?

By now some of you blog readers have finished the book: please let me know what you thought! Post your reactions in the comments boxes if you want!
Peace and good
Series Queen


  1. hey, i really like the book, but i think it ends to abruptly, and whens the next one gonna be out?

  2. Really good! As, I've said before, read it in four hours. I loved all the characters. I'm so curious for the second and third books. James is so intriguing and I couldn't help but want to smack J.P. upside the head a few times. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends, youth group, and (in the near future) classes.
    Praying for you!

  3. hi,
    I absolutely LOVED the book. It was so amazing. It was really neat how I felt like I was there, and it was just so awesome.
    It does kind of leave you hanging, but thats just so that you cant wait for the next one to come out. and I definately cannot wait for the next one to come out. They were just so good, and I want to read more! Thanks for writing the books,
    and I will keep checking for the next 2 books :).

  4. Thanks you all! To answer anonymous's question, Book 2 should be out sometime in later 2008. Stay tuned!