Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some Tidbits to hold y'all over: Meet Athan Courchraine

I know what you're all thinking: "You said Book 3 was done! So where is it? What's it gonna be called? What's it about? Can we get the first chapter? Or some more feast day stuff? Or SOMETHING?" is done. But we're still working on it! I know you're probably tired of hearing that. Heck, I'm tired of saying it. But it's true. Just be patient a little while longer...darn, I'm tired of saying that too. Oh what the heck, I'll throw you some more stuff your way. You ready?

You're gonna see a lot of new stuff in Book III; more characters, more adventures, more lessons learned. Some mysteries will be solved. Maybe. But new mysteries will arise.
Book III will be from the viewpoints of Allie Weaver and Brian Burke, and you'll learn a lot more about these two. A lot more. Plus, like I said, you'll meet a lot of new brand new characters. Let's just say that the student body of John Paul 2 High is going to get a bit...larger.

So when I can spare time from rewrites, spell checks and editor's meetings, I will attempt to introduce some of the new characters you'll meet. Today we'll focus on a young freshman called Athanasius Courchraine -- or Athan for short.

Athan looks like this:

But this is what he looks like in his own head: 

Athan is an artist. He's Byzantine Catholic. Plus he likes football. And bazookas. 

One thing he doesn't like is St. Francis. We don't agree with him, of course. Apparently he thinks St. Francis is too wimpy. He'd like him better if he looked like this: 

The views of Athan do not reflect the views of the JP2 High team, Sophia Institute Press, or anyone else besides the dancing monkeys inside his own head. 

Athan's best friend is Joey Simonelli: 

And who is Joey? Why, he's the younger brother of Liz Simonelli, whom you've already met. Oh, by the'll learn some more about her too. You've been warned :) 

Learn more about Athan, Joey and a multitude of other things in JP2 High Book III! Coming soon! And not in the biblical sense! 

CREDITS: Drawings by Christian Frank 2.5 (Ryan Corrigan). See more of his stuff here. Photos by Craig Spiering (see his work here). Inane scribbling by me; see more inane scribbling here.