Friday, June 27, 2008

Book Two: Vengeance, Sort of

Q: When is Book Two coming out?

A: Soon!!! The book is written, and I'm working on editing it now. We're hoping to get it done in time for Christmas. (Great present, hey?)
Q: What will it be about?
A: Some threads (but not all!) that were left unresolved in Book One will be picked up, namely: what happens to Tyler Getz. Is he going to stand for Allie dumping him for Catholic guy, George? And is George going to stand for what Tyler does next?
The best part of this book is that we get to find out what Celia Costain, principal's daughter, thinks about everything at John Paul 2 High. Is she really "perfect Celia?" Or is there more going on beneath the surface?
And as for the other questions -- who's the shooter? Where's the poltergeist? -- you'll have to wait and see because if I say more, I'll spoil something!
Keep the book in your prayers: as I know from being a writer myself, prayers really do help the story.
Peace out,
Regina Doman,
Series Queen
PS: Any other burning questions? Post in the comment boxes. We'll answer - if we can. ;)