Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Answers

Hi-ho, C. Frank here, the erstwhile author of CR. Regina has been emailing me twice a day asking me to come over here and answer some questions. It's been a busy week, but I managed to get over, let's see.

Was Celia supposed to be St. Cecilia for the All Saints Day party?

Yes. She just assumed that Allie would recognize her costume, forgetting that Allie's not exactly an expert on saints.

Is there any hope for Tyler? Will he ever become a nice person who isn't a sick jerk? Preferrably a Catholic person? I know this is a rather spoilery question, but I just need to know if there's hope. It seems like there's a part of him that wants the truth, even though he's currently too lazy to actually look for it.

There is hope for everyone. It really depends on Tyler. But I can't say more just now. It is kind of a spoilery question (I think you just coined a new word there!) but I will say that the path Tyler is going down doesn't look good.

Are any of the kids confirmed? I'm guessing Celia is at least, but I'm not so sure about George and Allie and the rest. If not, will we get to see anything like that? I'd love to see Allie's confirmation.

All the kids at JP2 are confirmed, except for Allie. Allie's mom and stepdad aren't practicing Catholics, so she hasn't really practiced her faith at all, ever, at the start of the story. As far as whether we'll see it....well, keep reading!

Will there be more students at JP2H with each book? Every few books? At all? Will we get to know any of these kids, or will they just be there to make the school bigger?

Well, a school really can't stay that small and stay in business, so yes! More kids will join! And there will be some strange additions to our cast of characters, let me tell ya.

Will we get things from Celia's perspective sometimes? Or any of the other JP2H-ers?

Yes. In fact, Book 2 (which is already in the works) will be from Celia's perspective. In fact, there will be a different perspective with each book.

Well, I hope that helps. Thanks for your support. Seriously. It's really cool that you guys are enjoying the book so much. Keep spreading the word! More is on the way.


  1. I'm kinda confused about something.

    On the character's MySpace pages, it says that Celia and George are 17, but that Allie is 16. I thought that 15-16 was the usual age for sophomores? When are their birthdays?

    And I thought that Liz was a freshman. Mr. Costain introduces James and says "We now have a junior class."

    Am I missing something here???

  2. I think Allie hasn't updated her page in a while.

    And Liz lied about her age on her MySpace page. Now that's she's been caught, we're making her change it. ;)