Monday, May 12, 2008

Cha Cha Moment

So my brother Joe and his friends are fooling around with the Cha Cha service on their cell phones (text 242 242 with any question, and you'll get an answer). They're asking things like, "When did the Great Papal Schism occur...?" "Who founded the Catholic Church?"... "Who's cuter, me or my friend?"

...They ask, "Who is John Paul 2?"

The answer comes back: "John Paul 2 High is a new Catholic book series written by Christian M. Frank...."

Everyone in Joe's class (he works at a Catholic high school) said, "What did it say?" since Joe's jaw had dropped.

"Dude, my sister worked on that book! That's her thing!"

"No way!"

So go figure. Of all the things they could have said about John Paul the Great...

...well, I guess I'm honored.

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