Monday, February 15, 2010

The Book Club Notes are Here!

After what seems like forever (at least to those of us who worked so hard on it!) the Book Club Notes for Catholic Reluctantly are available at last!

And they are FREE.  Yes, if you want your very own discussion guide for Book One, all you have to do is click here and download it.  Make as many copies as you need to for your group, and have fun reading and discussing!

We'd wanted to create this guide for a long time, because we have been hearing from Catholic school teachers who want just such a resource so they can use the book in their classrooms.  Now it's here, at last!

So-- hey, tell your friends.  Tell your youth group leaders.  Tell your teachers. Wouldn't it be great it this was your assigned summer reading?  Now's your chance to lobby for it!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the Tweets. They are so reassuring. I was afraid for a couple months that Book III had been forgotten. :)