Monday, September 22, 2008

Review on Catholic Pondering!

Wow! Check out this great review of Book One on "Just another Pondering Catholic..."

My favorite aspect of this book was the fact that, despite having “Catholic” in its title, this book would be great for ANY teen or young adult. There’s no “secret Catholic stuff” included - you don’t have to be a Catholic or even understand anything about the Catholic Church to enjoy this book. One of the main characters isn’t a practicing Catholic and isn’t very familiar with things Catholic, and when the kids at her new school mention things - such as the Divine Mercy Chaplet - she doesn’t understand. And though she does sometimes feel like an idiot, we readers get a natural explanation (and a reminder of just how hard it is to be a teen, and to feel like you don’t fit in) that’s not ponderous or overly cerebral. Read more...

If you're an adult thinking about buying Catholic Reluctantly for your teen, you should read this one.

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  1. i am a 13 year old girl and when my mom got me this bookfor christmas i almost died. i started reading the book and am almost done.i like the book now but at first i did not want to read it because it is a catholic book. when will the second book come out?