Monday, July 28, 2008

Review in The Florida Catholic

Check out this great review of the series in The Florida Catholic. Here's a snippet:

Have you ever been lured into a bakery by its delightful aroma and beautifully decorated delicacies? You fall in love with that mouth-watering chocolate cake, but when you take that first bite it tastes like nothing.
How disappointing! The piece is dry, stale and you feel the beginning of indigestion.
That is the feeling I got when I read the popular teen series “The Clique,” written by Lisi Harrison, about a group of girls who are materialistic and backstab each other but still remain a “clique.”
Fortunately, this type of book is not the only choice for teens and their parents. Something genuinely appetizing has arrived in the form of a fiction series for teens: “
John Paul 2 High,” published by Sophia Institute Press, a Catholic publisher. read more...

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  1. Will Allie and George go out or somthing? They really like eachother and I really want to see Tyler's reaction! And Celia's reaction too cuz I think that she like's George too. Oh,and J.P. should wanta go out with Liz, and Liz should wanta go out with Tyler!Maybe.